Cambridge University Press in partnership with Discovery Education™ has developed next generation readers with an online environment that will motivate and engage your students with high impact topics and video. 

Series editor
Bob Hastings

Number of levels

A1-B2+ (Complete Beginner to Upper Intermediate)

Key features:

  •  The interactive environment fully engages students in reading. The content can be experienced on computers, netbooks, tablets, and smartphones for maximum flexibility.
  • High-impact online video and interactive exercises promote students' autonomy and persistence - and are in synch with the way the modern student learns.
  • A wide range of topics inspired by Discovery Education™ captivates students - from sharks and gators to tornadoes and avalanches to the drama of Aron Ralston.
  • For levels A1 to B1+, there are paired readers with interrelated themes that can be used together for greater interaction.
  • The learning management system - class creation, progress tracking, gradebook, and more - frees teachers from the mundane task of homework correction, and gives students interactive practice anytime, anywhere.


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