English for Spanish Speakers editions help Spanish-speaking learners overcome the difficulties they face when learning English. This is achieved by integrating our expert knowledge of Spanish speakers with information taken from the unique Cambridge English Corpus.

The Cambridge English Corpus

English for Spanish Speakers courses integrate information from the Cambridge English Corpus. This is a large collection of exam scripts written by students taking Cambridge English exams, built by Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Assessment English.

Every year, more than 200,000 Spanish-speaking candidates take one of the Cambridge exams. We analyse the information generated by these exams, with a unique 'error-coding' system that highlights the mistakes made by candidates. We use this system to identify which words, grammar patterns and language structures cause the most problems for Spanish-speaking students learning English. As a result, English for Spanish Speakers courses address the common mistakes that Spanish-speaking learners make, and give extra practice and tips to avoid these common errors.


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Local editorial team

Our in-depth understanding of Spanish-speaking learners is also the result of extensive research carried out by our locally-based editorial team.

This guarantees that the topics and activity types are relevant to Spanish-speaking learners of English, with a focus on areas of language which are typically problematic. Extra support is also provided for teachers of Spanish speakers through detailed teaching notes and specifically-designed ideas for the classroom.

These are our English for Spanish Speakers courses:


Greenman Pupil's Book A

Greenman and the Magic Forest

Natural Learning for Pre-Primary


Life Adventures 1

Life Adventures

Live, learn, feel. Life is a journey.

Kid's Box Pupil's Book

Kid's Box Updated Official Second edition

The fun course for seriously good results! Updated to cover the 2018 revised Young Learners tests.

Quick Minds Pupil's Book

Quick Minds

Empowering the child, empowering the teacher


Kid's Box

The fun course for seriously good results!


Collaborate1 Student's Book


Turn on the power of we

Smart Planet Student's Book 1

Smart Planet

Curiosity creates interest. Interest creates a motivated learner. Be curious!

Citizen Z Student's Book

Citizen Z

Prepare today’s teenagers to take their place in the world.

English in Mind Student's Book

English in Mind for Spanish Speakers

This second edition updates a course which has proven to be a perfect fit for classes the world over.

Interactive Student's Book

Interactive for Spanish Speakers

The course designed to get your students talking.

Upper Secondary

Shape the Future 1 Student's Book

Shape the Future

Nothing exists until you do it

Out & About Student's Book 1

Out & About

For the life they will live

Next Generation Student's Book

Next Generation

Next Generation combines complete preparation for the Pruebas de Accesso a la Universidad (PAU) exams with material that helps learners improve their English language skills for life.


Empower B1 ESS Student's Book

Cambridge English Empower for Spanish Speakers

Feel the power. Welcome to Empower.

face2face Student's Book

face2face for Spanish Speakers 2nd edition

This flexible, easy-to-teach course is for busy teachers who want to get their adult and young adult learners to communicate with confidence. The second edition continues to provide specific help for Spanish speakers.


Compact Key FS Student's Book_updated

Compact Key for Schools 2nd edition

Second edition - Official preparation for the revised 2020 A2 Key for Schools exam

Compact Prelim FS Student's Book_updated

Compact Preliminary for Schools 2nd edition

Official preparation for the revised B1 Preliminary for Schools

Complete KfS_SB_updated

Complete Key for Schools 2nd edition

Official preparation for the revised 2020 A2 Key for Schools exam

Complete PfS Student's Book_updated

Complete Preliminary for Schools

Official preparation for the revised B1 Preliminary for Schools

Complete Prel_SB

Complete Preliminary Second edition

Official preparation for the revised 2020 B1 Preliminary qualification

Complete FirstFS-SB-2019

Complete First for Schools 2nd edition

English for Spanish Speakers - official preparation for B2 First for Schools


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