Shape the Future is a forward-thinking course which provides solid language and exam practice as well as a focus on life skills – preparing students to shape their own futures in real life. Critical thinking is a key element - the reading and listening texts have been carefully chosen to be challenging, controversial, real-world and most importantly, thought-provoking. Collaborative projects and life skills lessons focus on areas such as managing feelings, critical thinking and problem solving, based on the Cambridge Framework for Life Competencies.

NEW The Teacher's Book now includes an Updated LOMLOE Key Competencies mapping.

Philip Wood, Vicky Anderson & Will Varney

Number of levels

B1+-B2 (Intermediate to Upper Intermediate)

English for Spanish Speakers
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Informed by the Cambridge English Corpus
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Key features

  • Comprehensive coverage of University Entrance Exams with extra practice and exam tips sections.
  • Step-by-step speaking and writing lessons guaranteeing successful communication.
  • A complete writing guide section.
  • Strong emphasis on vocabulary acquisition supported by ‘Vocabulary Extra’ pages.
  • Extra work on phrasal verbs and false friends.
  • Grammar is exhaustively covered with extra practice and Grammar Maps in Level 2 provide a concise summary of all the grammar covered over both levels – a perfect cheat sheet for revision.
  • A two-page guide on how to put collaborative learning into practice. It also includes a section of tips and useful phrases for the classroom.
  • Vox pop and documentary video sections.


English for Spanish Speakers

  • ‘Get it right!’ boxes throughout the units highlighting common mistakes in grammar and vocabulary made by Spanish-speaking learners.
  • Extensive practice of the Spanish University Entrance Exams.
  • Full coverage of the official Bachillerato curriculum.
  • Coverage of all the competences students are expected to acquire with a Key competences mapping in the Teacher’s Book.
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