Super Minds is much loved by millions of learners of English in over 70 countries. Since its publication we have carried out extensive research to find out what teachers and learners love about it, and what could be updated and made even better. Its combination of language and life competencies, along with collaborative learning make it ideal for the new LOMLOE law.

While this new and improved second edition of Super Minds maintains its easy-to-use, comprehensive language syllabus and unit structure, the experience of teaching and learning with the course is thoroughly refreshed and contemporary.

Herbert Puchta, Peter Lewis-Jones and Günter Gerngross

Number of Levels

Pre-A1 to A2+ (Complete Beginner to Pre-intermediate)

Key Features:

Fresh new content

  • Exciting new animated story videos and song videos from Starter to Level 4, as well as animated Language focus videos at all levels.
  • New Think and learn CLIL content linked to topics students will be studying in their first language.
  • Creative and Critical thinking strands have been updated and are now mapped to the Cambridge Life Competencies Framework.
  • The emphasis on Life Skills makes Super Minds Second edition ideal for the new LOMLOE law.

Brand new design

  • Characters and stories have been transformed with new contemporary design.
  • Design has been updated throughout and higher levels reflect the increased sophistication of today’s pre-teens.
  • Workbook now in full colour

Enhanced digital support, all in one place

  • Presentation Plus gives easy access to resources in the classroom, including the new animated videos.
  • Practice Extra provides extra digital activities for students in a carefully tailored environment designed specifically for Primary learners.