A generation has learnt English with Kid's Box... Now, it's bigger, brighter and, to put it simply, even better!

Maskman, Marie, Trevor, Monty, the Star family and all their friends are back as your loyal classroom assistants, to help give the new generation a happy learning experience, full of affection and humour. The course that teachers and learners know and love is instantly recognisable, that is also official preparation for Pre A1 Starters, A1 Movers and A2 Flyers.

This English for Spanish Speakers edition (levels 1 to 6) provides specific help for Spanish-speaking learners and is completed with the Starter Level from the international edition, that gives children a quick start to English before they can read or write.

Caroline Nixon and Michael Tomlinson

Number of Levels

Pre-A1-A2 (Beginner to High Elementary)

English for Spanish Speakers
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Key Features:

  • Bigger: its brand new digital packs for teachers and learners (including eBooks) and a huge range of new audio-visual content convert Kid’s Box New Generation into ‘the course you can almost watch’.
  • Brighter: with the re-imagined characters you know and love in their redesigned and updated sparkling world.
  • Better: both fun for learning and great for teaching, Kid’s Box New Generation will give even better results.
  • With new Exam Folders in every level, it is now even more effective at preparing students for Cambridge English Qualifications.

English for Spanish Speakers:

  • Spanish handwriting font for levels 1 and 2 both in the Pupil’s Book and the Activity Book.
  • Say it with me! pronunciation and phonics activities focus on the most problematic sounds for Spanish speakers.
  • Get it right! worksheets for levels 5 and 6 on common errors made by Spanish speakers, in order to help them avoid typical grammar, vocabulary and spelling mistakes.
  • Learning Situations with Competency Evaluation templates.
  • Key Competencies Activity Bank.
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