Collaborate is an innovative secondary course that will help you and your students take an important step towards creating a collaborative and positive environment in the classroom. It offers solid language learning while providing a new way of teaching and learning, innovative yet practical. It’s time to change and bring real collaboration into the classroom.

This updated edition includes LOMLOE additions, such as new Key Competencies practice pages; and other new components that will make the adaptation to the new law and the constant changes in classroom easy and carefree. 

Claire Thacker, Stuart Cochrane, Samantha Lewis & Daniel Vincent

Number of levels

A1-B1+ (Elementary to Intermediate)

English for Spanish Speakers
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Informed by the Cambridge English Corpus
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New for the Updated edition:

  • Key competencies practice: extra pages have been added to the Student’s Book to cover Learning to learn and other competencies, including Mediation.
  • The Teacher’s Book includes a description of the new Key Competencies and full mappings of how Collaborate covers them.
  • Basic worksheets in the Teacher Resource Bank, based on the Workbook content, provide more accessible content for students who may be struggling with the key concepts or who may need to work at a slower pace.
  • Exam worksheets, validated by Cambridge Assessment English, help students prepare for A2 Key for Schools and B1 Preliminary for Schools.
  • Digital packs for learners and teachers on Cambridge One now include Test&Train and new Student’s and Workbook eBooks.

Other key features:

  • Collaborative learning with unit projects and collaborative tasks which motivate and create a positive learning environment.
  • Step-by-step projects with help and training for teachers in the Project Book.
  • Prepares students to take a meaningful part in society through a focus on life competencies.
  • Plenty of opportunities to implement the flipped classroom, through videos which can be viewed before class and suggestions for pre-class activities in the Teacher’s Book.
  • 5 videos per unit include documentaries, grammar and Everyday English presentations.
  • Guided writing and speaking lessons provide a step-by-step approach to help students with successful production.
  • ‘Learn to learn’ sections for student autonomy.
  • Multiple resources to deal with mixed ability in the classroom, both for the students who need more help and those who can be pushed further – fast finishers activities at the end of the unit, a graded Workbook and extra resources at three levels of difficulty.
  • A2 and B1 exam practice included.

English for Spanish Speakers

  • ‘Get it right!’boxes throughout the units which highlight common mistakes in grammar and vocabulary made by Spanish-speaking learners.
  • Specific cross-curricular projects and lessons on other subjects in the Spanish curriculum.
  • A coverage of all the competences students are expected to acquire with a Key competences mapping in the Teacher’s Book.
  • Spanish and Catalan grammar reference available online.
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