Blizzards: Killer Snowstorms

Genevieve Kocienda

One of the most common storms, a blizzard can be dangerous, even deadly! This reader explores some of the worst blizzards in history, and offers tips on how to prepare for one and survive it.

Wild Australia

Wild Australia!

Simon Beaver

From the cute and cuddly to the scaly and deadly, Australia is the home of the most memorable wildlife. This reader offers a glimpse into the lives of the distinct and unique animals that live in the "land down under."


Paris: City of Light

Simon Beaver

Discover the fashion, architecture, cuisine, art, and history of one of the most famous and beloved cities in the world.

So cute

So Cute!

Kenna Bourke

Most of us think babies, kittens, and puppies are adorable, but why? What makes something cute?

Saved - Heroes in everyday life

Saved! Heroes in Everyday Life

Simon Beaver

From Captain Sullenberger to Spiderman - ordinary people doing extraordinary things. What makes a hero? This reader explores the qualities of a hero both in real life and in pop culture.

A light in the night

A Light in the Night: The Moon

Simon Beaver

The moon gives Earth its seasons and tides. But can the moon change our moods, or who we are? Discover the facts and myths about the moon.

Catch a wave

Catch a Wave: The Story of Surfing

Genevieve Kocienda

Surf's UP! Come learn about some of the legends of this sport, its dangers, and some of the hottest spots to catch a wave!

Crocs and gators

Crocs and Gators

Simon Beaver

Come explore the fascinating lives of crocodilians. These ancient and dangerous animals make great shoes, food, and more!

It's time to learn about time

It’s Time (To Learn About Time)

Simon Beaver

People always want to control time! Learn about how we invent ways to try, from Roman and Mayan calendars to clocks to time zones.

Cool Jobs

Cool Jobs

David Maule

Ice sculptor, roller coaster designer, and a cook on a submarine are some really cool jobs. This reader explores a wide variety of jobs, from the excitement of traveling around the world to the dangers of the deep sea.

Traffic jams

Traffic Jams: The Road

Simon Beaver

Sitting in traffic, finding a parking spot, paying for a parking spot . . . is it worth it? Traffic is a big problem in our cities. Can you think of some solutions?



David Maule

Shakespeare, Mozart, Madame Curie, Albert Einstein . . . what do these people have in common? See the world through the eyes of a genius.

Jeff Corwin - wild man

Jeff Corwin: Wild Man

Kenna Bourke

Learn about the crazy adventures of Jeff Corwin and how he became one of television's most famous naturalists.

Fantastic creatures

Fantastic Creatures: Monsters, Mermaids, and Wild Men

Simon Beaver

Around the world, people love to tell stories about the fantastic creatures that may walk among us. Read about dragons, yetis, krakens, hydras, and more!

Drink up

Drink Up

Karen Holmes

Love potions, energy drinks, milk fresh from a cow, celery soda . . . or plain water? What do you want when you're thirsty?

Paired Reader with Eat Up!

Eat up

Eat Up!

Theo Walker

Come sit around the dinner table! Explore the traditions of food and how it affects our lives.

Paired reader with Drink Up