It’s a beautiful day in the Magic Forest. Three friends are on an adventure, singing songs and learning about the natural world. Let’s explore together with Nico, Sam and our guide Greenman, the protector of the forest. Greenman and the Magic Forest is a three-level series that nurtures very young children as they grow and learn a new language, by helping to develop confident social interactions and a caring approach to nature. 

The first edition will continue to be available for a limited period.

Marilyn Miller, Karen Elliott, Katie Hill & Sarah McConnell

Number of Levels

Pre-A1 (Complete Beginner)

Key Features:

  • Build positive attitudes and resilience through well-being and self-reflection activities, and routines.
  • Inspire children to appreciate the world around them with cross-curricular lessons and environmental themes.
  • Magical adventures await in enchanting stories, videos, songs and games! Find them online in the new digital learning and teaching resources for the classroom and home.
  • Explore and enjoy the great outdoors with ideas and activities for children and parents in the new Forest Fun Activity Book.

Interactive tour: