Step into the world of Cambridge Little Steps, a language and early literacy course that gets very young children communicating in English while nurturing their key life competencies and human values needed to become kind, creative individuals ready to make the most of life’s opportunities.

Gabriela Zapiain

Number of Levels

Pre-A1 (Complete Beginner)

Key features:

  • The course taps into children's natural curiosity and encourages them to investigate life’s Big Questions from different angles.
  • The Cambridge Life Competencies Framework underpins the syllabus helping teachers focus on areas of communication and collaboration such as body awareness and active listening, relevant for children of this age group.
  • Stories, phonics and numeracy Books introduce children to early literacy and basic math skills.
  • Presentation Plus includes stories animations, songs, and other classroom materials you need to engage your students’ attention.
  • Playful activities and projects turn your classroom in to a world of learning and fun!