Be Curious is a six-level primary course ideal for children with little or no prior knowledge of English. It takes learners from Pre A1 Starters to an exit level of A2 Key for Schools, following exactly the same tried and tested approach as the higher-level (B1) Life Adventures course.  Be Curious provides comprehensive official preparation for Cambridge English Qualifications and is jointly published with Cambridge Assessment English.

This updated edition offers full coverage and evaluation of the LOMLOE competencies for pupils and teachers, as well as new digital resources on Cambridge One. All levels are now available.

Caroline Nixon, Michael Tomlinson and Colin Sage

Number of Levels

Pre-A1 to A2 (Complete Beginner to High Elementary)

English for Spanish Speakers
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New for the Updated edition:

  • Key competencies Activity Bank: 16 extra pages at the back of the Pupil’s Book to cover all competencies in the LOMLOE.
  • The Teacher’s Book includes a new LOMLOE Introduction with Key Competencies mapping.
  • Learner and teacher facing evaluation templates with descriptors to help assess the key competencies in the LOMLOE.
  • New digital packs for learners and teachers on Cambridge One.

Other key features:


  • Be Curious motivates children by arousing their curiosity of the world around them and also encourages them to learn about other cultures and countries.
  • Culture and cross-curricular lessons cover fascinating topics and countries from India to Australia, carnivorous plants to robotics.
  • Real-world video documentaries give the children insights into other countries and the world around us.

Collaborative learning and life skills

Be Curious develops social skills and empathy through on-going project tasks in every unit, called Missions. These put the children in the centre of their learning and make it more motivating and meaningful. Life skills, including critical thinking and emotional intelligence, are an essential part of the learning journey and are based on the Cambridge Life Competencies Framework.

Exam preparation

  • The course offers a gentle integration of skills, language and exam-type tasks, helping children build their confidence and take the stress out of taking exams.
  • Exam practice pages are included in both the Pupil’s Book and Activity Book, where pupils do a practice test question.

English for Spanish Speakers:

Be Curious includes content specifically designed for Spanish-speaking learners:

  • Spanish handwriting font for levels 1 to 3 in both the Pupil’s Book and Activity Book. Level 1 takes a gradual approach to reading and writing
  • Pronunciation and phonics sections focus on the most problematic individual sounds for Spanish speakers.
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