Original stories at seven levels written specially for learners of English. With gripping plots and a range of genres to satisfy every taste, Cambridge English Readers offer high-quality original fiction that students will love! The highest quality of writing and storytelling is combined with the greatest sensitivity to the learner's language level, to ensure an enjoyable and successful learning experience, with learners eager to finish one book and start the next.

Series editor
Philip Prowse

Number of levels

A1-C1 (Starter to Advanced)

Key features:

  • Seven levels from Starter to Advanced provide reading material for every student's ability.
  • A wide selection of titles, from thriller to romance, with international settings appeal to a broad range of interests.
  • Contemporary themes, gripping plots and believable characters inspire learners and stimulate classroom discussion.
  • Audio recordings available online for free download
  • Free online resources for students and teachers including vocabulary placement test, lesson plans and worksheets.


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