Grammar and Beyond teaches the grammar students need most, thanks to the billion-word collection of authentic language – the Cambridge English Corpus.

This four-level American English series places special emphasis on grammar for writing. As they prepare to write, students practise editing common mistakes – based on an extensive corpus of student writing. Then they apply the grammar in a writing task, making a clear connection between what they study and how they write. While the series places special emphasis on grammar for writing, all four skills are covered thoroughly.

Randi Reppen, Laurie Blass, Susan Iannuzzi, Alice Savage, John Bunting and Luciana Diniz

Number of Levels

A1-C2 (Beginner to Advanced)

Informed by the Cambridge English Corpus
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Key features:

  • Real-World Contexts – students learn each structure in the context in which it most commonly appears, illustrating authentic usage
  • Real-World Application – students practise using the grammar in ways they will be expected to outside the class, with a special emphasis on written forms
  • Real-World Writing – grammar is connected to writing through analysis of the most common ways that writers actually use the grammar
  • How Grammar Really Works – students learn key differences between spoken and written English, as well as the most common structures.


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