What is Better Learning?

Better Learning is all about you. It’s what you want to give your students if you’re a teacher of English, or to experience if you’re a student.

Language doesn’t stand still and neither does the way we learn. Our resources are flexible and respond to your teaching environment and the needs of your students.

Better Learning is our promise to you to provide support, resources and technology that you can trust, so you can focus on doing what you do best – teach.

Confidence in teaching. Joy in learning.

How does Better Learning work?

Better Learning is a simple approach where deeper insights help shape richer content that drives stronger results.

Deeper Insights

Expertise you can trust

Every day we talk to people from all over the world about what would make their experiences of teaching and learning English better. In Cambridge, our research team focus on how language is evolving, and on finding new innovations that enhance the learning process.

We use all of these insights to help us create rich, authentic, locally relevant content that will make teaching and learning a pleasure.

Richer Content

Teaching materials you’ll love

Our content is designed to be fully flexible and focused on the language your students need in the real world. So it doesn’t matter if you prefer print, digital or blended resources; we’ll work with you to support your teaching and help your students to succeed.

Stronger Results

Skills that change lives

Our resources are designed to help learners achieve academic success, and to help you track and measure their progress along the way. What’s more, our courses will also give them the confidence and skills they need to succeed in the real world.

Better Learning is there to help them, and you, on every step of the journey.

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