Open World is an exciting course pushing students beyond the boundaries between exam preparation and real-world language. This course covers all the topics and language needed for learners preparing from A2 Key to C1 Advanced.

The most recent addition to the series is Open World Advanced . Download sample units from the Student's Book or access a demo of the contents on Cambridge One through the Teacher's Digital Pack!

Anna Cowper, Susan White, Niamh Humphreys, Susan Kingsley, Anthony Cosgrove, Deborah Hobbs & Sheila Dignen

Number of Levels

A2-C1 (Elementary to Advanced)

English for Spanish Speakers
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Informed by the Cambridge English Corpus
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Key features:

  • Test & Train and Practice Extra, included in the Cambridge One Digital Pack for all levels, build exam strategies and skills in a mobile-friendly environment 
  • Its unique exam journey provides a systematic route to exam success, leading learners from exam training tasks to full exam question practice.
  • The Real World texts and videos give the learners a chance to demonstrate the English abilities they need to communicate effectively in the open world.
  • ‘Push yourself’ sections extend students’ capability and confidence to an even higher level.
  • Launch mobile animations, before or after class, to spark learning with ‘Grammar on the move’.
  • The English for Spanish Speakers section helps teachers to consolidate the difficulties specific to Spanish learners of English.
  • Includes a complete digital package for the teacher for classroom presentation, assessment and extra exam practice.

English for Spanish Speakers:

The English for Spanish Speakers section* in Open World provides:

  • Advice on problematic spelling.
  • Listening activities designed to raise awareness of English pronunciation.
  • Examples of past grammatical mistakes and how to correct them.
  • Commonly used words and expressions and how they differ in use to their Spanish equivalents.

*Common to Open World, Compact and Complete

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