Enjoyable and engaging story-based practice for the revised 2018 Pre-A1 Starters, A1 Movers & A2 Flyers, now in 6 levels with two books per test.

Each book contains eight fully-illustrated stories followed by fun activities, songs and exam-style questions that practise the grammar, vocabulary and skills needed at each level.

Visit World of Fun for ideas, resources and videos on how to prepare your students for the updated Young Learners tests. Resources specific to Storyfun, such as the downloadable classroom audio for each book, are available here in the Resources area.


  • SF1

    Level 1

  • SF2

    Level 2

  • SF3

    Level 3

  • SF4

    Level 4

  • SF5

    Level 5

  • SF6

    Level 6

Karen Saxby

Number of Levels

A1-A2 (Beginner to Elementary)

Key features:

  • Includes the Home Fun Booklet with activities for students to complete at home, allowing parents to support learning.
  • Extra speaking practice and projects provide opportunities for extension beyond the units.
  • Online activities get students practising on their own time in Cambridge One.
  • Audio recordings of all the stories and activities are available for download.
  • The Teacher’s Book includes extra photocopiable materials and a summary of the main grammar and vocabulary points covered in each story.


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