Greenman and The Magic Forest is a Pre-primary course based on the adventures of two children, Nico and Sam, and their encounter with the magical protector of the forest – Greenman. Their animal friends from the forest also accompany them and the pupils as they learn about looking after the environment, enjoying the outdoors and having a healthy and active lifestyle.

The course is based on stories along with fun songs and chants which focus on aspects of the holistic approach in pre-primary learning. The activities are designed to cater for all learning styles and take in mind the differing abilities at this age.

This information refers to the first edition. To access the newer Second edition click here.

Marilyn Miller, Karen Elliott and Sarah McConnell

Number of Levels

Pre-A1 (Complete Beginner)

English for Spanish Speakers
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Key features:

  • A whole-child holistic approach to learning
  • A strong routine-based course with the seasons and nature as a central part of the course
  • Stories to combine the magic forest with children in real-life situations – a combination of fantasy and the real world which the children can relate to
  • Catchy songs are used with TPR (Total Physical Response) activities
  • A solid integrated phonics syllabus
  • A variety of activities that are clearly matched to the abilities of pre-primary pupils

English for Spanish Speakers

Greenman and the Magic Forest has been written specifically for Spanish Pre-Primary pupils:

  • The concepts and objectives follow the Spanish pre-primary general curriculum, helping children relate their English classes to the concepts learnt in their general classes.
  • A solid integrated phonics syllabus gives extra practice on the sounds Spanish speakers have more problems with.
  • The approach to literacy with pre-writing activities follows the approach in the Spanish classroom.
  • Teacher’s Book available in English and Spanish.
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