Designed specifically for students at university and on foundation courses, this integrated skills course develops language and real academic skills essential for successful university studies across disciplines. Extensive audio and video material with authentic Cambridge University lectures, seminars and interviews with university students is available, providing invaluable learning and practice material for developing listening, note-taking, discussion and other skills specific to academic context.

Martin Hewings, Craig Thaine (Course consultant: Michael McCarthy)

Number of Levels

B1+-C1 (Intermediate to Advanced)

Informed by the Cambridge English Corpus
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Key features:

  • Helps to develop real academic skills needed at university through video recordings of authentic lectures.
  • Offers real, up-to-date, relevant language thanks to the use of the Cambridge Academic Corpus.
  • 'Study tips' help to develop independent learning and working in groups, which are essential in an academic environment.
  • 'Focus on your subject' enables personalised learning.
  • Develops essential critical thinking skills.
  • Flexible structure allows modular use of each unit so that teachers can focus on particular skills or follow the integrated approach.


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