Compact delivers intensive thorough language revision underpinned with exam practice. Ideal for shorter courses or use in conjunction with a general English course. 

NEW for 2021 is Compact First 3rd edition. Together with Compact Key for Schools  and  Compact Preliminary for Schools second editions, the latest titles in the series include specific help for Spanish-speaking learners.

The previous editions of Key for Schools and Preliminary for Schools are now out of print. Compact First 2nd edition will be available for a limited period.

Sue Elliot, Amanda Thomas, Barbara Thomas, Laura Matthews, Peter May, Emma Heyderman with Frances Treloar

Number of levels

A2-C1 (Elementary to Advanced)

English for Spanish Speakers
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Informed by the Cambridge English Corpus
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Key features

  • Organised by exam skill, each unit deals with one part of each exam paper in turn
  • Exam tips and advice prepare students for the exam task which follows
  • Targeted vocabulary, based on English Profile, means students are permanently ‘on level’
  • Grammar, Vocabulary and error-correction exercises train students to avoid the common mistakes exam candidates make
  • Specific help for Spanish speakers (Key for Schools, Preliminary for Schools and First)

English for Spanish Speakers

For Compact Key for Schools, Compact Preliminary for Schools and Compact First,  the English for Spanish Speakers section* provides:

  • Advice on problematic spelling.
  • Listening activities designed to raise awareness of English pronunciation.
  • Examples of past grammatical mistakes and how to correct them.
  • Commonly used words and expressions and how they differ in use to their Spanish equivalents.


*Common to Compact, Complete and Open World
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