Cambridge Science Second Edition combines expert Science content with creative insights from educators actively teaching English Language and Science classes. This updated edition follows the new Primary curricula for Natural and Social Science, with complete coverage of the specific Science competencies.

Number of Levels

Pre-A1-B1 (Beginner to Pre-intermediate)

The second edition, at a glance:

  • Student-centred learning ensures a lively classroom experience and allows children to work alone or collaboratively on projects, investigations and experiments.
  • An enquiry-based approach supports the understanding of new concepts and the development of thinking skills.
  • New competency-based projects/Learning situations with posters engage students and facilitate assessment.
  • New review sections offer additional practice and consolidate knowledge.
  • New digital resources and Practice Extra in Cambridge One enrich pupils' learning experiences.
  • New child-friendly digital classroom presentation features games, catchy songs and vibrant photos and illustrations.

The Science competencies

Cambridge Science Second Edition has been developed around the key Science competencies stipulated in the new curriculum.

  • For every lesson you teach, the competencies covered by the content are listed on the corresponding Teacher’s Book pages.
  • Three competency-based projects in every level encourage pupils to deepen their exploration of new concepts while strengthening their collaboration and presentation skills.

Cambridge Exam Preparation

  • Exam vocabulary and practice for Cambridge English Qualifications for young learners are featured in every level.
  • Topic areas of the exams are included in the Science curriculum and mapped in the Teacher’s Resources.
  • The Review sections in the Pupil’s Book and the Activity Book contain exam-style activities.
  • Exam-type tasks in the unit tests.