Classroom, online and mobile technology provide the perfect blend to keep learners engaged. This fourth edition provides bright, full-colour and interactive preparation for the current specifications of Pre-A1 Starters, A1 Movers & A2 Flyers. Fun activities balanced with exam-style questions practise all the areas of the syllabus.

Visit World of Fun for ideas, resources and videos on how to prepare your students for the updated Young Learners tests. Resources specific to Fun for, such as the downloadable classroom audio, are available here in the Resources area.

Anne Robinson and Karen Saxby

Number of Levels

A1-A2 (Beginner to Elementary)

Key features:

  • Updated for the current specifications of Cambridge English: Young Learners tests.
  • The Home Fun Booklet means students can continue their learning at home, and gives parents the opportunity to offer support.
  • Flexible to use alongside a general English course and where not all students are taking Young Learners
  • Grammar and vocabulary activities in Cambridge One get students practising in their own time via an access code in the Student’s Book.
  • A supplementary app gets students practising vocabulary in their own time in a real gaming environment.
  • Additional opportunities to practise speaking develop students’ confidence in an area which young learners find difficult.


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