With fresh content throughout and a greater focus on communication skills, this fully updated edition of MORE! is bursting with features to capture young learners’ imaginations. This new edition continues to encourage reading for pleasure with new engaging texts and a fun, original detective story in levels 1 and 2. Culture sections with mini-projects and a strong integration of CLIL in each lesson inspire learners’ natural curiosity.

Herbert Puchta, Jeff Stranks, Günter Gerngross, Christian Holzmann and Peter Lewis-Jones

Number of levels

A1-B1 (False Beginner to Intermediate)

Key features

  • New photostories, skills pages and reading texts throughout
  • Refreshed design makes the layout even more user-friendly to help both learners and teachers navigate through each lesson
  • ‘Learning to learn’ and ‘Exam practice’ sections in the Workbook to boost learners’ autonomy and exams results
  • ‘Extra Reading’ sections progress across the levels taking learners from light stories to literature


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