This is an inspiring four-level course for teenage learners in state and private secondary education in Spain. It contains a wealth of content to motivate your students to communicate confidently in English, stimulate discussion about culture throughout the English-speaking world, and engage them with new technology and a fresh approach to learning.

Helen Hadkins, Samantha Lewis and Joanna Budden

Number of levels

A2-B2+ (False Beginner to Upper intermediate)

English for Spanish Speakers
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Informed by the Cambridge English Corpus
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Key features

  • Help your students communicate confidently in English with regular 'Interaction' speaking activities, lots of extra pronunciation support and a unique classroom language reference so they can interact in English in class.
  • Inspire them with interesting culture content from throughout the English-speaking world with 'Culture UK' noticeboards, 'Culture World' magazine articles, and 'Culture Vulture' boxes.

English for Spanish Speakers

This course has also been specially adapted to help Spanish-speaking learners overcome some of the recurring difficulties they face when learning English. This is reflected through the extra content and unique sections dedicated to problematic areas of the English language.

  • ‘Get it right!’ pages in the Student’s Book and Workbook, plus ‘Get it right!’ boxes throughout the Student’s Book, highlight and practise common mistakes made by Spanish-speaking learners in grammar and vocabulary. These pages are informed by the Cambridge Learner Corpus.
  • ‘Say it right!’ exercises focus on common pronunciation errors made by Spanish speakers.
  • Pages dedicated to cross-curricular topics deal with subjects from the Spanish curriculum.
  • Extra exam practice in the Workbook, with A2 Key, B1 Preliminary and B2 First exam-type exercises.
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