Super Minds is a Primary course for schools with 5 or more weekly English lessons. It offers 7 levels, with the possibility to use the Starter level in the last year of Infantil. The course methodically enhances your student’s thinking skills, with activities specifically designed to train their memory and improve their concentration.

The latest additions to the course will help you get the most out of Super Minds: Super Grammar Book, Flashcards and Wordcards, and Test Generator. For more information on each of them, click on the links below:

Herbert Puchta, Günter Gerngross and Peter Lewis-Jones

Number of Levels

A1-B1 (Complete Beginner to Pre-intermediate)

Key features:

  • Your students will love the crafts activities and guided visualisation exercises along with total physical response activities. These are designed to kindle the imagination and make learning English an enjoyable and creative experience for all.
  • Learning about social values is an important part of young learners' education. In Super Minds students are encouraged to explore social values which are presented in lively stories that run throughout the course.
  • Cross-curricular 'English for school' lessons broaden the unit topic in the context of other school subjects


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