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Cambridge Social Science follows the same format as Natural Science and takes learners on a journey as they discover the wonders of history, geography and other areas of the curriculum. Pupils are introduced to topics in a fun way so that they can engage with, enjoy and fully assimilate the new concepts. Every lesson starts with a question are which the pupils need to solve by studying the content of the unit.

Discovery activities aid pupils’ understanding of the main themes and topics. They also encourage and practise collaborative learning.

Number of levels

A1 to B1

Key features:

  • Specifically written for Spain, Cambridge Social Science covers the complete LOMCE Social Science curriculum.
  • A problem-based methodology: each unit poses a problem-based task which the pupils need to solve by studying the content of the unit.
  • The contents are presented in the format of a scrapbook, closer to the way children learn things out of the classroom. Like a magazine, it includes fun facts and interesting questions to appeal to their natural curiosity.
  • Documentary videos introduce the unit content.
  • Projects give plenty of opportunities for personalisation, creativity and collaborative learning.
  • Attitude is everything: specific lessons focus on emotional intelligence in levels 1 and 2.


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