Greenman Pupil's Book A

Pupil’s Book with Stickers, Pop-outs and Downloadable Songs and Stories

The Pupil’s Book provides the colour worksheets, stickers and pop-outs that are needed in class. The wide format and top spiral binding make it easy for small children to handle and helps the little left-handers. There are six worksheets for every unit and these are perforated so teachers can easily tear out a page for the children to take home if they wish.

Brief teacher’s notes are provided on the back of each worksheet, with song lyrics and key language. There is also a fast-finisher activity, and the unit ends with a full lesson dedicated to Phonics and a consolidation activity. Along with the main units, this course also includes festival lessons and four review units based on the seasons.

The songs and stories of the course, so children can listen to them at home with their parents, are available for download here.

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