face2face Student's Book

Student's Book

The Student’s Book features:

  • Strong emphasis on reviewing and recycling, including Quick Reviews at the beginning of each lesson and full-page Extra Practice and Progress Portfolio sections in every unit.
  • Video presentational material for the Real World lessons, with the functional and social language that students need for day-to-day life.
  • ‘Help with…’ sections that cover listening, speaking, grammar and pronunciation and teach students how English really works
  • Continue2learn sections that encourage learner autonomy by showing students where they can continue practising and extending their knowledge.
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face2face Spanish Speakers Handbook

Spanish Speakers Handbook with Audio

The Spanish Speakers Handbook, previously packaged with the Student's Book (levels Elementary to Advanced), is now available for download from the Resources Area. It includes content specifically designed to help Spanish speakers overcome the difficulties they face when learning English.

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face2face Workbook


The Workbook offers additional consolidation activities and a Reading and Writing Portfolio for extra skills practice. A list of 'Can do' statements helps students to track their own progress in reading and writing.

The Workbook is available in two versions, with and without Key. The Workbook without Key is ideal for setting homework tasks to consolidate the learning in the Student's Book. The ‘with Key’ version is ideal for self-study, with a pull-out answer key for added flexibility.

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