Shape the Future 1 Student's Book

Student's Book

The Student’s Book provides 9 units in Level 1 and 6 in Level 2 with ample reference sections which include:

  • Language reference and Grammar Maps
  • Vocabulary extra
  • Writing guide
  • Pairwork (speaking)
  • Collaborative learning guidelines
  • Exam tips (Level 2)
  • Exam practice: Reading and Listening (Level 2)
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Shape the Future 1 Workbook

Workbook with downloadable audio

The Workbook provides practice of all the unit language and skills and also provides:

  • Exam practice, including listening and speaking practice
  • Vocabulary builder and phrasal verbs
  • ‘Beyond the Classroom’ guides for real-life work skills (Level 2)
  • Downloadable audio files and audioscripts, available on the Resources area.
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