Out & About Student's Book 1

Student’s Book with Common Mistakes at Bachillerato Booklet

The Student’s Book provides comprehensive coverage of all the grammar and vocabulary in the Bachillerato syllabus with a thorough treatment of the language skills. It comes packaged with the Common Mistakes at Bachillerato booklet. The Student’s Book also offers:

  • 3 Term reviews
  • A comprehensive Grammar and Vocabulary Reference
  • A Writing Guide
  • ‘Life skill’ pages
  • False friends reference pages
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Out & About CommonMistakes booklet

Common Mistakes at Bachillerato Booklet

This handy booklet, packaged with the Student’s Book, looks at the errors students make. It also explains how to make sure they get it right and monitors progress through regular tests. The booklet includes a full answer key making it ideal for self-study.

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Out & About Workbook 1

Workbook with downloadable audio

The Workbook closely follows the Student’s Book structure and provides all the extra practice students could need. Extra sections have been included to offer even more help:

  • Exam practice
  • Listening and Speaking practice
  • A vocabulary builder
  • A PAU glossary
  • Phrasal verbs
  • Audioscripts

All the audio from the Workbook is available for download from this link.

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