Student’s Book with interactive eBook

The Student’s Book takes the learner on a carefully staged journey, where they are gradually introduced to the topic and target language through a variety of scaffolded activities that build their confidence as they progress. It includes:

  • 8 units
  • 20 videos per level
  • Culture lessons
  • Across the curriculum lessons
  • Key competencies highlighted on the page.

 A code in the book provides access to the interactive eBook on Cambridge One. Go to the Digital tab for more information.

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Student’s Book with Digital Pack (Andalusia Edition)

In the Andalusia Edition, the Student’s Book also includes a 16-page supplement covering all aspects of life in the region. Visually exciting pages and varied activity types allow students to explore many of the key figures, cultural aspects, festivals and scientific developments related to Andalusia.

The Digital Pack, available on Cambridge One using the code in the print Student's Book, provides access to the Student’s interactive eBook, as well as Practice Extra and downloadable Learner Resources. More information on the Digital tab.


Workbook with Digital Pack

The Workbook gives extra practice of all the language covered and skills in the Student's Book, with:

  • A comprehensive language reference at the start of each unit
  • Puzzles and games
  • Extra Speaking
  • Extra Writing
  • Extra Reading

The Digital Pack in the Workbook unlocks the interactive eWorkbook, Practice Extra and Learner resources on Cambridge One through a code printed on the book. Go to the Digital tab for more information.

Please note that there is no Workbook available for the Andalusia edition.

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