Quick Minds Pupil's Book

Pupil's Book

The Pupil's Books are based on the adventures of different groups of friends who change and develop to match the growing maturity of the children.

They provide a wide range of classroom activities: songs, stories, grammar lessons, skills, Phonics, Think! and Create That! lessons, Learn and Think! (CLIL) lessons. There are also Review sections.

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Quick Minds Activity Book

Activity Book

The Activity Book reinforces the core vocabulary, grammar and skills development, offering a variety of exercise types: Reading, matching and colouring, puzzles, written practice (at word level in levels 1 & 2) and grammar. Plenty of extra listening input and opportunities for oral work are also provided. A full colour Picture Dictionary and self-evaluation pages are also included.

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Quick Minds Online Games and Activities

Online Games and Activities

The online activities and games are for pupils to use at home or in the school computer room, with:

  • The Pupil's Book stories brought to life with high-quality animation
  • The Pupil's Book songs with karaoke versions for the pupils to record and play back their own voice
  • Videoke activities featuring real-life clips, with the option for pupils to record themselves.
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