Teacher's Book with Digital Pack

The Teacher’s Book with Digital Pack includes an access code inside the front cover. This unlocks the wonderful Presentation Plus and wealth of other resources to download, including festival worksheets and self-assessment, letters to parents, mini flash and word cards.

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Big Book

Big Books include all the literature stories in a large format (A3). The digital version of the Big Book in Presentation Plus has the option to show the stories with and without the text.

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Flashcards show the series characters and all the core vocabulary in every unit, with a description of the picture in the footer. The digital flashcards in Presentation Plus offer the audio and an option to show written words describing the flashcards.

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Posters are large format and a great way focus students’ attention and regularly practice numbers, letters, days of the week and other vocabulary. There are 7 posters in every level. There are teaching ideas included in the footer of every poster.


Pippa the Puppet

The Teacher’s Book provides guidance and ideas about how Pippa the puppet can be used to assess learning, prompt self-evaluation, and give positive feedback.