Now in its fourth edition, this bestselling course prepares for the B2 First Cambridge English Qualification. Objective First for Spanish Speakers combines systematic exam preparation with language work designed to improve students’ overall English level, and also provides specific help for Spanish-speaking learners.

Annette Capel and Wendy Sharp

B2 (Upper Intermediate)

English for Spanish Speakers
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Informed by the Cambridge English Corpus
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Key features:

  • Short and motivating units offer a fun, fast-paced approach to learning.
  • Vocabulary sections are informed by English Profile which ensures students learn the language expected of them at B2 level.
  • The course draws upon the Cambridge English Corpus to provide examples of authentic and up-to-date English, and highlight areas of the exam that students find most challenging.
  • The Student's CD-ROM provides optional extra language and vocabulary practice, familiarisation with the format of the exam, and fun interactive activities.
  • A Teacher's Resources CD-ROM provides extra test materials, including progress tests. 

English for Spanish Speakers:

This course includes content specifically designed for Spanish-speaking students:

  • The Student’s Book comes packaged with the free 100 Tips for Cambridge English: First booklet, with information and exercises to avoid common errors at the Writing Paper.
  • Speaking Folders help improve your students’ performance at the Speaking Paper.
  • ‘Get it right!’ Folders highlight and practise typical mistakes made by Spanish-speaking candidates at this level, based on research from the Cambridge English Corpus.
  • A Pronunciation Folder focuses on common pronunciation problems.
  • Vocabulary Folders in the Workbook will help your students with common problem areas, such as phrasal verbs and false friends.
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