Complete First Third edition is the most thorough preparation for B2 First. Complete is trusted by millions of candidates worldwide and the new updated edition continues to provide preparation, practice, information and advice to ensure that students are fully prepared for the exam. Complete’s exam journey through each unit focuses learners on different exam tasks and familiarises them with the exam format and exam strategies, languages and skills needed for exam success.

Guy Brook-Hart

B2 (First)

English for Spanish Speakers
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Informed by the Cambridge English Corpus
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Key features

  • Every unit is carefully designed to help students speak, listen, read and write with confidence about the everyday topics covered by B2 First.
  • The popular ‘Exam advice’ boxes provide up-to-date tips and now accompany every exam task in every unit.
  • Provides an exclusive digital package for teachers for classroom presentation, assessment and extra practice.
  • Test & Train and Practice Extra, included in the Cambridge One Digital Pack, build exam strategies and skills in a mobile-friendly environment.

English for Spanish Speakers

The English for Spanish Speakers section* in Complete First 3rd Edition  provides:

  • Advice on problematic spelling.
  • Listening activities designed to raise awareness of English pronunciation.
  • Examples of past grammatical mistakes and how to correct them.
  • Commonly used words and expressions and how they differ in use to their Spanish equivalents.


*Common to Compact, Complete and Open World
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