Student’s Book with Digital Pack

The Student’s Book is available in two versions, with or without answers. It provides:

  • 14 units of integrated language, skills and exam practice.
  • Reviews after every 2 units.
  • Speaking and Writing Banks.
  • A description of the content and exam focus of each part of C1 Advanced.

It also provides access to the Cambridge One Digital Pack, to help your students build exam strategies and skills in a mobile-friendly environment. More information on the Digital tab.

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Workbook with eBook

The Workbook is available with or without answers, for homework and self-study. It contains further exam-style exercises to practise the reading, listening and writing skills needed in C1 Advanced, as well as further practice of grammar and vocabulary.

It also provides access to the interactive eWorkbook on Cambridge One through a code on the inside front cover. For more information, go to the Digital section.

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Student’s Pack and Self-Study Pack

There are two packs available for students, the Student's Pack and the Self-Study Pack.

The Student’s Pack combines the Student’s Book and Workbook without answers. The Self-Study Pack includes the Student’s Book and Workbook with answers and access to the full downloadable class audio files, making it ideal for students who want to learn on their own.