Viewpoint Student's Book

Student's Book

The Student's Book features twelve units of engaging content. It has been expertly designed to help your high-intermediate level students communicate fluently and successfully in today's world. Each unit consists of:

  • four two-page lessons that present grammar, vocabulary, and conversation strategies, and include listening, speaking, and reading practice.
  • a single-page lesson that teaches the language and skills of writing including a special grammar chart about the grammar of writing.
  • a Vocabulary notebook page with practical learning tips to help students catalogue new vocabulary, reinforce collocations, and further develop their vocabulary-building skills.
  • two Grammar extra pages at the back of the book that contain additional information and practice exercises on the target grammar of each A and B lesson.
  • a ‘Speaking naturally’ activity at the back of the book that presents and practices a feature of pronunciation, linked to the language of the unit.

The Student’s Book is also available in a split edition for Level 1. There is also a version of the Student’s Book that includes an access code to the Online Workbook.

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Viewpoint Workbook


The Workbook provides reinforcement and consolidation of the material in the Student's Book. It provides additional practice of vocabulary, grammar, and conversation strategies, as well as extra reading, writing, and listening activities. It features:

  • Personalized grammar and vocabulary tasks.
  • Follow-up exercises for each lesson in the Student's Book.
  • Progress charts providing self-assessment and references to the Student's Book pages.
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