Touchstone Student's Book

Student's Book

Touchstone's unique comprehensive syllabus introduces ‘conversation management' strategies, places special emphasis on teaching vocabulary and vocabulary-learning strategies as well as presenting grammar in natural contexts and truly communicative pronunciation, listening, reading, and writing tasks. These are some of the key features of the Student’s Book:

  • Grammar is presented in natural contexts, with inductive ‘Figure it out’ tasks that develop language awareness.
  • The Conversation Strategy lessons cover useful phrases and strategies for managing conversations.
  • Personalized speaking practice is integrated with all language and skills activities.
  • A Vocabulary notebook section, offers practical learning tips and personalised activities while systematically covering vocabulary-building strategies.
  • Word sort tasks, encourage students to take an active role in learning new vocabulary.

The Student’s Book is also available in a split edition for shorter courses. There is also a version of the Student’s Book that includes an access code to the Online Workbook.

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Touchstone Workbook


The Workbook is a natural extension of the Student's Book, providing reinforcement and consolidation of the material in the Student's Book. There are two pages of follow-up activities for each Student's Book lesson. It provides:

  • Thorough consolidation and practice of the vocabulary, grammar, and conversation strategies taught in the Student's Book.
  • Extra reading and writing activities to reinforce these important skills.
  • A wide variety of activity types, with photos and illustrations to provide context and keep students motivated.
  • A Progress check at the end of each unit to help students plan further independent study.

As the Student’s Book, it is also available in a split edition for shorter courses.

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