Natural Science 1

Over the centuries Cambridge University has been the home of eminent scientists, from Isaac Newton to Stephen Hawking, and the list goes on … Charles Darwin, Jane Goodall, Niels Bohr, Francis Crick, Dian Fossey, Alan Turing, David Attenborough …

Following on from such a heritage is not easy. In Cambridge Science, we’ve taken expertise science content knowledge and combined it with the experience and creativity of teachers who are actively giving language and Science classes in Spain. Teachers who know what works, what is successful in class and what will be successful for you!

Number of Levels

Complete Beginner to Pre Intermediate (Pre A1-B1)

Key features:

  • Specifically written for Spain, Cambridge Science covers the complete LOMCE Natural and Social Science curricula.
  • The contents are presented in the format of a scrapbook, closer to the way children learn things out of the classroom. Like a magazine, it includes fun facts and interesting questions to appeal to their natural curiosity.
  • Documentary videos introduce the unit content.
  • A problem-based methodology: each unit poses a problem-based task which the pupils need to solve by studying the content of the unit.
  • Fun and practical experiments aid pupils’ understanding of the main themes and topics. They also encourage and practice collaborative learning.
  • Projects give plenty of opportunities for personalisation, creativity and collaborative learning.
  • Attitude is everything: specific lessons focus on emotional intelligence.

Where Life meets Science 

The Cambridge Bilingual Programme integrates Natural and Social Science with our new course Life Adventures. These three fully integrated courses mutually support each other. What is learnt in English helps understand the Science content, while at the same time the Science courses reinforce language learning.

Cambridge exam preparation

Cambridge Science also includes exam preparation:

  • Topic areas of the exams are included in the Science curriculum and mapped in the Teacher’s Resources
  • The Review sections in the Pupil’s Book and the Activity Book contain exam style activities
  • Exam-type tasks in the unit tests

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