Participate and win with Cambridge

All year round we organise competitions, both for students and teachers, in which you and your students can take part. We are not trying to assess the level of English - we want to reward creativity, imagination and work.

These are the active competitions at the moment. Are you up for it?

Life Adventures Project

Creative projects competition for Primary students and teachers

Life Adventures Project is a competition designed around the power of imagination and collaborative work. Teachers and students are free to choose the topic for their project, and the most creative projects will be rewarded.

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Science Project

Creative projects competition for Primary Science students and teachers

The Science Project competition is based around collaborative work and creativity. Students and teachers are asked to present collaborative projects, in English, around the topics of Natural and Social Science. The most creative projects will be rewarded by our jury.

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Do you have an idea for a competition?

We think of new competitions and actitivities all year - if you have an idea, please let us know!