Webinar OW

27 mayo

Meet the Experts: Open World

27 May | 11.00 CET

Taking you further!  Come and meet our experts and find out how Open World pushes students beyond the boundaries between exam preparation and real-world English.

About the speakers

Stuart Vinnie has been involved in English Language Teaching for over 20 years, first as a teacher in Asia and Europe, and later as a Teacher Trainer for Cambridge University Press. He currently works in Spain for Cambridge Exams Publishing. He holds the DELTA and a MA TESOL.

Dan Akidil spent over 8 years as an English language teacher, with experience in Germany, Turkey and the UK. Throughout this time he also regularly taught online classes. He is now Commissioning Editor for Cambridge Exams Publishing following 5 years working in ELT. He has worked on the courses Complete and Open World.


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