8 june

Ed Fidoe

The superpowers we can teach

8 June | 16.00 CET

Ed Fidoe explores the habits and skills which have helped humans succeed for centuries, qualities like speaking skills (oracy), craftsmanship and making connections between subjects. He will give examples of how School 21 has built these skills into the curriculum, the successes and failures, and share ideas of how to do this while also teaching everything else!  

About Ed Fidoe

Ed Fidoe is the co-founder of School 21, an innovative 4-18 school in London, designed for children from all starting points and backgrounds (achieved Outstanding Ofsted in 2014). School 21 has led the recent movement in oracy teaching in the UK and beyond, with the Voice 21 programme now working with hundreds of schools and training thousands of teachers.

Recently Ed has moved to higher education and is leading the creation of a new university, The London Interdisciplinary School, which will open in 2021. 

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