Talent1 Student's Book

Student's Book

The Student’s Book offers 10 Units with a Starter Unit and extra reference pages:

  • Documentary style presentation videos to start the unit which are ideal for implementing the flipped classroom
  • Cumulative Review pages every two units
  • Life skills and academic skills sections
  • Literature pages with research projects
  • Extra CLIL lessons
  • Writing Expansion pages with extra tasks and exam practice
  • Vocabulary extension section with fun activities and tasks
Talent1 Workbook

Workbook with online practice

The Workbook follows the basic configuration of the Student’s Book to help with navigation:

  • Graded practice of all the new language and skills
  • Wordlist
  • A complete Grammar reference
  • Irregular verbs list

The Online Practice, accessed via a code in the Workbook, is hosted in the Cambridge LMS and provides extra resources and interactive activities to help students practice what they learn in class. Teachers can use the platform to track students' progress and ensure more effective learning.