Collaborate1 Student's Book

Student's Book

The Student’s Book provides 9 units with an ample reference section with extra materials and includes:

  • Projects for every unit
  • Collaborative tasks in every lesson
  • 4 to 5 videos per unit – documentaries, Grammar and Everyday English voxpops
  • CLIL lessons
  • A Pronunciation section
  • Fast-finishers pages in every unit
  • ‘Learn to learn’ boxes
  • ‘Use it! Voice it!’ sections – personalisation, critical thinking and practice in context
  • ‘Explore it!’ sections – internet research around the topic
  • A Vocabulary bank

Videos for the Student’s Book are available for access on the Resources tab.

Sample unit
Collaborate1 Workbook

Workbook with downloadable audio

The Workbook follows the same unit structure as the Student’s Book to help with easy navigation. Practice of all the unit language and skills is provided with extra sections:

  • A Grammar reference and extra grammar practice
  • Vocabulary extra
  • Exam tips – reading, writing, listening and speaking skills
  • A2 and B1 exam practice (reading and writing skills)

Audio for the Workbook can be downloaded from the Resources area.

Sample unit