Why do whales jump out of water? What makes our bodies move? Guess What!  has the answers.

Through beautiful photography, captivating video and fascinating topics, this highly visual course takes young learners on an amazing journey to explore the world as they learn English. An emphasis on self-reflection supports children to become confident learners and achieve great results.

Susannah Reed and Kay Bentley. Series Editor: Lesley Koustaff

Number of levels

A1-A1+ (Complete Beginner to Elementary)

Key features:

  • Children are born explorers. Beautiful, real-world images appeal to their natural curiosity and create interest in the unit topics.
  • Focus on useful functional language in every unit gives learners the tools to become effective speakers in and outside of school.
  • Exciting stories with social values prepare children for success in life by teaching them collaboration, communication, responsibility, and respect towards others and the world.
  • CLIL lessons with real-world videos improve proficiency across other subject areas as well as listening and critical thinking skills.
  • A downloadable Grammar Practice Book for Level 6 is available for teachers who want to boost the exit level to A2 through additional lessons.


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