Pupil’s Book

The Pupil’s Book presents and practises new language through stories, songs and language practice activities, all within the framework of an optional unit task called the Mission. It provides 9 units, Review sections and a complete Grammar Reference in levels 4 to 6.

Exam preparation is fully integrated in every unit with tasks gently introduced. Levels 2 to 6 include specific Exam practice lessons.

Levels 1 and 2 provide Spanish handwriting font with a gentle introduction to reading and writing in Level 1.

Sample unit

Home Booklet

The Home Booklet, which is packaged with the Activity Book, is a fun games magazine for children to do at home, revise what they have learnt in an enjoyable way and share it with their parents. The children will have fun at home with puzzles, tongue twisters, fun facts and a ‘Home mission’ project.

It includes a letter to parents explaining how the course works and how to take part in their child’s learning. A Picture Dictionary is also provided.

Sample unit

Activity Book with Home Booklet

The full-colour Activity Book provides further consolidation of all the language and topics presented in the Pupil's Book as well as Cambridge Exams practice. The children can keep a record of their learning and see their progress through self-evaluation activities. A complete pronunciation and phonics syllabus is also included.

Sample Unit