Testbank IELTS

Online Cambridge English authentic practice tests for IELTS. Real tests in real time on Cambridge Assessment English test simulation. 

There are four collections available:

  • Testbank IELTS Academic Tests 1-4 (already availabe)
  • Testbank IELTS Academic Tests 5-8
  • Testbank IELTS General Training 1-4
  • Testbank IELTS General Training 5-8

All of them are also be available as print tests, with the collections IELTS 11 and IELTS 12 of Academic and General Training tests.

How it works:

  • Students can work in Test mode (timed) or Practice mode (multi-attempts)
  • Teacher assigns tests or parts of test for class and chooses the mode
  • Reading and Listening is auto-marked with instant reporting
  • Teacher can drill down and see individual student answers

Video Speaking Test practice:

  • Students can also take a timed Speaking Test simulation
  • An examiner asks questions by video 
  • Students record and save their answers and submit them for teacher review

Cambridge Assessment English

C1-C2 (Advanced)