Cambridge English Empower for Spanish Speakers is a general adult course that combines course content from Cambridge University Press with validated assessment from Cambridge Assessment English, while also offering specific help for Spanish-speaking learners.

This unique mix of engaging classroom material and reliable assessment, plus personalised online practice, enables learners to make consistent and measurable progress. The course includes intriguing images and texts designed to arouse curiosity and get students talking, and also prepares learners for effective real-world communication. The syllabus is informed by English Profile and the Cambridge English Corpus, and is carefully benchmarked to the CEFR. This ensures that students encounter the most relevant and useful language at the right point in their learning.

The English for Spanish Speakers edition includes a double page for each unit offering even more speaking practice, useful 'Phrasebook tables' for reference and extra pronunciation activities focusing on sounds Spanish speakers find more difficult.

Levels Elementary to Advanced are available in the English for Spanish Speakers edition. There is also a Starter level designed for the international edition.

Adrian Doff, Craig Thaine, Herbert Puchta, Jeff Stranks, Peter Lewis-Jones

Number of Levels

A1-C1 (Beginner to Advanced)

English for Spanish Speakers
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Informed by the Cambridge English Corpus
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Key features:

  • Learner engagement: images and texts engage learners and there are also frequent opportunities for students to give a personal response, making learning memorable and relevant.
  • Comprehensive approach to productive skills: thorough preparation for effective real-world communication. ‘Everyday English’ lessons include useful language, pronunciation and conversation skills so students learn to communicate confidently and effectively.
  • Validated and reliable assessment: the course combines best-practice classroom methodology with a uniquely innovative assessment package written by Cambridge Assessment English, the world leading experts in language testing.
  • Personalised practice: online Progress Tests at the end of each unit identify areas where students need more support. They are then directed to personalised practice, ensuring that individual learners’ needs are addressed and their time is used effectively.

English for Spanish Speakers:

This course now includes extra content specifically designed for Spanish speakers for levels Elementary to Advanced, to help avoid common grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation errors:

  • 'Speaking Plus' pages providing extra speaking practice and sections focusing on areas of pronunciation which are problematic for Spanish speakers.
  • 'Get it right!' pages with tips and practice to avoid common Spanish-speaker errors, taken from the Cambridge Learner Corpus.
  • 'Grammar Plus' photocopiable pages providing extra practice of the main grammar areas from the Student’s Book.
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