We are ready for the LOMLOE – soon you will be too

The new educational law is based on UNESCO and European guidelines and focuses on children’s rights, gender equality, inclusion, sustainable development and the development of life competencies, beyond the existing Basic Competencies. There is a strong shift away from content learning to a more holistic approach, based on competencies and the development of cognitive, social and emotional skills.

Educational research is at the core of what Cambridge does. We were pioneers in introducing competencies and other social and emotional skills to our courses, which is why all our learning materials already cover the LOMLOE.

The LOMLOE in detail

To help you in the adaptation process, we have created a useful website where we summarise the main contents of the LOMLOE.
You can learn about its key objectives, main new features and how our courses incorporate competencies and skills in a holistic, natural way.

Go to LOMLOE website

Up-to-date courses

All our courses and support materials comply with the LOMLOE and make it really easy to implement in the English classroom. Whether you’re already using a Cambridge course, or if you decide to try one of our upcoming new titles, you will not need to make any extensive changes to your everyday teaching.