Ideal for classroom use or self-study, these popular titles are specially designed to boost learners’ confidence along with their vocabulary skills.

All four levels follow the popular two-page unit format with clear explanations on the left page and practice activities on the right. They are informed by the Cambridge English Corpus to ensure that all the vocabulary studied is useful, up to date and presented in a natural context. The substantial CD-ROMs reinforce key vocabulary with lively, interactive activities, and extra exercises give further practice of key words and phrases.

Michael McCarthy, Felicity O’Dell, Geraldine Mark, Lynn Townsend, Stuart Redman and Lynda Edwards

Number of levels

A1-C2 (Elementary to Advanced)

Informed by the Cambridge English Corpus
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Key features:

  • Vocabulary presented in context with lots of practice activities to reinforce the contextualised explanations and examples.
  • Informed by English Profile to ensure coverage of all key words and phrases appropriate at each level.
  • Common mistakes feature, informed by the Cambridge English Corpus, helps learners to avoid common errors.
  • Promotes good learning habits with study tips and follow-up tasks.


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