Phrasal verbs are verbs which have a main verb and a particle which, together, make one meaning. For example, a plane 'takes off' from the airport; an adult 'looks after' a child. Using short texts, dialogues, tables and charts, these books cover Intermediate (B1-B2) and Advanced (C1) to explain and practise over 1,000 phrasal verbs to help students development more natural-sounding English.

Michael McCarthy and Felicity O’Dell

Number of levels

B1-C1 (Intermediate to Advanced)

Informed by the Cambridge English Corpus
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Key features:

  • The verbs are divided into units by topic, function, concept, particle and verb.
  • The units show the phrasal verbs in a range of natural contexts such as everyday dialogues, e-mails, cartoons and newspaper extracts.
  • Provides valuable information about register, usage and collocation to help students develop more natural-sounding English.
  • Includes a comprehensive, student-friendly answer key and promotes good learning habits through student tips and follow-up tasks.
  • Contains a mini-dictionary with easy-to-understand definitions and cross references to units in the book.

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