Idioms are fixed expressions whose meaning is not obvious from the individual words that make it. For example, instead of saying 'I'm really busy' you might say I'm snowed under or I'm up to my ears in work. These books cover Intermediate (B1-B2) and Advanced (C1-C2) to explain and practise over 1,000 of the most useful and frequent idioms which learners are likely to encounter in everyday English.

Michael McCarthy and Felicity O’Dell

Number of levels

B1-C2 (Intermediate to Advanced)

Informed by the Cambridge English Corpus
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Key features:

  • Self-study reference and practice text for intermediate or advanced learners, which can also be used for classroom work and exam preparation.
  • Presents and explains over 1000 idioms in typical contexts using tables, charts, short texts and dialogues on left-hand pages. These are practised through a variety of exercises on right-hand pages.
  • Includes error warnings, learning tips and follow-up tasks to encourage learner autonomy and provide strategy training.
  • Informed by the Cambridge English Corpus, to ensure idioms are presented in authentic and natural contexts; and the Cambridge Learner Corpus, to ensure common learner errors are covered.
  • Includes a comprehensive answer key and index.

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